Art as you travel


Ever since the construction of the first stations in the 1950s, it has been our aim to make the underground environment more and more amenable to the user.

The reference point for the first generation of stations, as far as the overall architectural and artistic concept is concerned, are the names of the architect Keil do Amaral and the artist Maria Keil who, despite the financial limitations of the era, accomplished work of outstanding quality and transformed the Lisbon underground into a classic example of how public spaces should be managed. Keil do Amaral already had considerable experience in designing public spaces and facilities for transport operators; Maria Keil designed artistic wall coverings for the Lisbon Underground over a period of roughly 25 years – from her first commission in 1957 to her final work in 1982. She provided the designs for a total of 19 stations. Maria Keil’s work for the Lisbon Underground is of particular importance in that it marked a turning point in the revival of the Portuguese art of the glazed painted tile or “azulejo”. Read more

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