Airport extension


The metro red line stations  – Moscavide, Encarnação and Aeroporto –  opened for  operation on July 17. The Oriente/Aeroporto red line extension  is 3.3 km  long and has three new stations, with an estimated  monthly  average of  over 400.000  new passengers.

This extension will have a significant impact on the accessibilities to and from the Lisbon International Airport,  thus becoming an important interface for  air transport passengers and  the  majority of  people  working in the area.

Additionally,  this extension will also serve the residential areas of Moscavide and Olivais (nearly 7% of Lisbon’s total population  lives in the Olivais area).

The three new stations will enable a  reduction of 5,000 tons of  CO2 emissions per year.

The new link makes it  possible to travel from the city administrative center  – Saldanha – to the Lisbon International Airport in just 16 minutes.

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