Reboleira extension


On Wednesday, April 13, the Lisbon Metro officially inaugurated the new Amadora-Este/Reboleira metro section, which extends the Metro’s Blue Line to the Falagueira/Venda Nova and Águas Livres parishes in Amadora’s municipality. At 1:00 pm of the same day, the new Reboleira metro station opened to the general public.

This new extension represents a major milestone in the history of the Lisbon Metro and an important landmark for Lisbon’s Metropolitan Area, given its significant impact on the accessibilities to and from Amadora’s municipality.

With the Reboleira station a new Multimodal Interface is created, enhancing the transport system of Lisbon’s Metropolitan Area by connecting metro, buses, trains, taxis and bike paths, as well as providing parking facilities for cars and bikes.

Co-financed by the European Cohesion Fund, under the priority Axis I – National Structural Networks and Equipment for Sustainable Transport and Mobility – this project is strategic to the economic development and quality of life of the Greater Lisbon region and its population.

This new metro section will connect Lisbon’s Central Business District and downtown areas to one of Amadora’s most relevant residential zones, while providing quick transport, convenience and greater proximity between municipalities.

This connection will, from now on, make it possible to travel from Reboleira to Marquês de Pombal in just 19 minutes and to Baixa-Chiado in 24 minutes.

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