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Find out which is the right ticket for you


Travelling around Lisbon?
Find out which is the right ticket for you.

Ticket Transport Operator Card ³ Card Price Ticket Price
Carris/Metro Ticket ¹
Valid for unlimited travel by bus, tram, lift, funicular and metro, for 1 hour (between the first and last entrance validation).
Not valid for consecutive Metro rides.
        VIVA viagem/7 colinas 0,50€ 1,45€
1 day ticket (24h)
Valid for unlimited travel in multiple routes,
for 24 hours after the first validation.
Valid for bus, tram, lift, funicular and metro.
        VIVA viagem/7 colinas 0,50€ 6,30€
Travelling Cacilhas
Valid for bus, tram, lift, funicular, metro and the ferry boat connection to Cacilhas.
          VIVA viagem/7 colinas 0,50€ 9,35€
Travelling all Lisboa
Valid for bus, tram, lift, funicular, metro and train (Cascais, Sintra, Azambuja and Sado lines).
          VIVA viagem/7 colinas 0,50€ 10,40€
Prepaid stored value card. The fare is  deducted from
the card. Minimum loading  option is 3€.    
Valid for 1 ride across the Metro network.   VIVA viagem/7 colinas  0,50€  1,31€
Valid for one hour across the Carris network .(regular service only ²)       VIVA viagem/7 colinas  0,50€ 1,30€ 
Valid for 2 hours on Lisbon’s urban trains.   VIVA viagem/7 colinas  0,50€  1,90€
Valid for 1 ride on the Transtejo/Soflusa ferry boats.   VIVA viagem/7 colinas  0,50€ from 1,25€ at 2,70€
Valid for 1 hour across the Sul do Tejo Metro network.   VIVA viagem/7 colinas  0,50€  0,85€
Valid across the Fertagus network.
Pre-selection of origin/destination required.
   VIVA viagem/7 colinas  0,50€ from 1,45€ at 4,45€

¹ Carris/Metro ticket
Valid for 1 hour between an origin and destination in any of the following transport operators and combinations:

Combinações possíveis: Carris + Carris + Carris; Metro; Metro + Carris + Metro; Carris + Metro + Carris

² Carris regular service includes bus, tram, Sta. Justa lift and Bica, Glória and Lavra funiculars. Aerobus and tour services are excluded

³ The VIVA viagem/7 colinas cards can be reloaded and used for a year.
1 card per person

Ticket validation is mandatory.
Use the validators at the entrance of vehicles and stations.
Tickets are only considered valid after the green light comes on.

Metro points of sale
1. Automatic vending machines available in all stations;
2. Tickets offices available in the following stations:

Blue line | Colégio Militar/Luz and Jardim Zoológico
Yellow line | Marquês de Pombal and Campo Grande
Green line | Rossio, Baixa Chiado and Cais do Sodré

Red line | Oriente and Aeroporto

For more information:
Customer support centre
phone: +351 213 500 115
email: atendimento@metrolisboa.pt
Working days | 08:30 a.m/7 p.m

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