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Mobility for all


Full accessibility for all customers is one of our priority objectives.

Consequently, all the newer stations are equipped with mechanical mobility facilitators, such as escalators or travelators, and lifts, which are essential for providing full accessibility for all customers.

Presently, our 56-station network is equipped with 244 escalators, 100 lifts and 10 travelators. 36 of our stations provide full accessibility.

This attention given to customers with limited mobility was taken equally into account when designing and executing the control gates. At every control gate, there are special (wider) channels for those who need them.

With the aim of providing all our customers with full information, the “next station” information inside the carriage, and service interruptions information are simultaneously audible and displayed on electronic panels. Similarly, warnings when the doors are about to close can be both seen and heard.

The 247 automatic ticket vending machines in our stations have been adapted to meet the needs of the blind and the visually impaired.

System for Guiding Visually Impaired Peopleis currently under development, in partnership with ACAPO and REFER, with a view to including it in our infrastructure in the future.

We will do everything we can at our stations to help those that most need it in any way possible. If you have special needs, don’t forget to ask at the stations where you intend to start and end your journey to find out if they are stations which already offer full accessibility.

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