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Legal information

Law no. 28/2006 of July 4 and Ministerial ordinance no. 343/2002 of April 2

Use of Lisbon Metro

A metro journey begins when passengers  cross the station’s entry  gates to the compulsory ticket zone and  ends when passengers cross the exit gates.

Passengers must validate their ticket/card at the entry access gates and keep it intact  until they leave the compulsory ticket zone. Passengers must be prepared to show their ticket/card to the Lisbon Metro staff whenever so requested.

 With the exception of service disruptions, ticket validity ends three hours after the entry time recorded by the electronic validators at the control line, provided the ticket has not been used to exit the station.


Wrongful conduct 

Paying to use the Metro transport service is a legal obligation.  To travel on the Lisbon Metro, passengers must have a valid ticket or pass.

 It will be considered a violation to travel:

a) With a reduced fare ticket without proof of the right to price reduction;

b) With an expired ticket;

c) With a ticket not valid for the fare zone in which the customer is travelling;

d) With a ticket that has been altered or tampered with;

e) With a personalized travel card not belonging to the holder;

f) Without the supporting documents (monthly stamp and/or electronic purchase receipt) that validate  all personalized travel cards;

g) With supporting documents (monthly stamp and/or electronic purchase receipts) not consistent with the personalized travel card. ;

h) With a personalized card which electronic record has been damaged or tampered with;

i)  With a personalized travel card with a paper monthly stamp which does not bear the corresponding card number or bears the number of another travel card;

j) With a counterfeit transport stamp;

l) A ticket/card  which condition makes it impossible to verify the identification or validity;

m) A ticket/card without proper validation, whenever so  is required.

(As per no. 4 of  Article 7,  Law no. 28/2006 of  July 4)

Confiscation of tickets/cards

 Lisbon Metro inspection teams may confiscate any travel tickets/cards that meet the conditions described in paragraphs a) to m), as per nº5 of Article 7 of the mentioned legal diploma, as well as any Lisboa viva cards “which travel stamp and/or purchase receipt does not comply with regulations”, pursuant to clause 8.1 of the personalized Travel Cards General Terms and Conditions. 

Payment of fines

Absence of a valid transport ticket, carrying an invalid ticket or the refusal to allow ticket inspectors or the contactless ticket system to verify the ticket’s validity, is punishable by fine of a minimum value corresponding to 100 times the lowest priced ticket and a maximum value of 150 times that amount, in accordance to the limits set by the General Tax Infringements Law.

The contravention of absence of valid ticket, when detected by a ticket inspector, is subject to an official report under the General Regime of Tax Offences, which will be forwarded to the tax service of the cited residence area, which is the authority competent to initiate the respective process

Ticket inspectors

Ticket inspectors are duly sworn and accredited and may, pursuant to their duties, require the identification of passengers seeking, if necessary, the intervention of the legal authorities.


No smoking

Decree Law no. 226/83of May 27, as per  Decree Law no 283/98 of September 17

Smoking in Lisbon Metro’s public premises, namely trains, stations, accesses and adjoining facilities, is strictly forbidden and punishable by law.

No smokers image


Closed circuit television (CCTV)

Decree – Law n.º 35/2004, 21st February

For your protection the stations are kept under video surveillance with image recording.

Metro's image informing that our network as an  Closed circuit television

Transport of animals

Transport of pet animals is allowed in the Lisbon Metro trains as long as suitably accompanied and accommodated, in order not to disturb or upset other passengers.

Animal pets are considered suitably accommodated if kept in a proper container or under control with a muzzle and on a lead (up to 1 metre length) fixed to a collar, every item made of resistant material.

Blind and visually impaired passengers have the right to travel with a guide or assistance dog carrying the proper documentation and a visible  badge issued by an accredited institution (national or foreign) certifying it as a guide dog.

Guide or assistance dogs in training are also allowed in the same conditions if accompanied by the trainer or the host family that must be accredited as such.

The above restrictions do not apply to dogs belonging to the Armed Forces or State Security Forces.

Note – This information does not replace the rules and regulations posted on the stations information panels.

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