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Lisboa viva card

Lisboa viva card

Lisboa Viva is the ideal card for frequent users of public transport.
It can be topped up with money (‘zapping’) and passes.
Is is a personal card that can only be used by respective holder.

Where can I buy it?

Standard delivery (10 week days)

Blue line
Yellow line
Green line
Red line
Every day
07:45 a.m - 08:30 p.m
Campo Grande
Every day
07:45 a.m - 08:30 pm.

Colégio Militar/Luz
Jardim Zoológico
Marquês de Pombal
Cais do Sodré

Express delivery (1 week day)

Blue line
Yellow line
07:45 a.m - 07:45 p.m
Marquês de PombalCampo Grande

Portal Viva (online)
You can buy online provided you have:
1 – Lisboa Viva card;
2 – VIVA account (learn here how to create your VIVA account).

What tickets can I top up in this card?

The Lisboa viva card can be topped up with travel passes and zapping credit for occasional journeys.

This card can hold up can top up up to 4 different tickets, within the following categories:

  • Intermodal passes;
  • Combined passes;
  • Zapping credit (pay as you go).

Card user profiles

ChildAged 4 to 12
Social +Low income households, as duly proved by documents.
4_184 to 18 year old students, not enrolled in university and not benefiting from school transport provided by the municipality
sub23University students aged up to 23 years
Senior65 years or older
RetireeRetired persons whose monthly household income is equivalent or lower to the minimum wage.
PensionerPensioners whose monthly household income is equivalent or lower to the minimum wage.


Standard delivery (10 week days)

ProfilePrice (€)
Normal 7
Social +
Retired persons and pensioners
4_18 and sub233,5

Express delivery (1 week day)

ProfilePrice (€)
Normal 12
Social +
Retiree and pensioner
4_18 and sub236

Required documentation

For the following user profiles: Normal, Child and Senior:

Metro sales network:

– Application form duly filled.
– Personal Identity Document (children up to 10 years) or Identity Card (EU citizens) or Passport (Portuguese citizens) or Residence Permit.
– Original passport photo in colour, with a flat background, Head coverings and sunglasses are not allowed – except in specific duly substantiated circumstances.

Specific documentation for Retiree/Pensioners, 4_18, sub23 and Social + user profiles:
Check the page information available on page buy/discounts to see if you are eligible for a discount.

Via Portal Viva (online)
Citizen card.

Card validity

Your Lisboa Viva card is valid until the end of the period shown the card.
Depending on the user profile, card validity will vary between 4 and 6 years. Once expired, a new card must be issued.


The Lisboa Viva card has a two-year warranty period after its issue date.
During the warranty period if the card is not damaged, it will be replaced with no extra charge. If the warranty has expired, or the card has been damaged, the cost of the new card will be borne by the customer.

After-sales service

If your card stops working:

– Read your card on a validator or a ticket vending machine to confirm if it loaded with a valid Metro ticket. Top up your card if necessary.
– If the card has sufficient credit but cannot be read, show the card and purchase respective to Metro staff.  If you cannot find a staff member use the Help Points located at the access gates and ticket machines to ask for assistance.

Card replacements are subject to the following rules: 

– The card can only be replaced at the operator where it was loaded.
If the card was loaded in an ATM, it will have to be replaced at Customer Support desk of any of the operators used to load the card;

During the warranty period, if the card is not damaged, it will be replaced with no extra charge. If the warranty has expired, or the card shows damage, the cost of the new card will be borne by the customer

While the new card is being issued, you will be provided a temporary card loaded with the same travel tickets/credit of the old card.

Lost or stolen cards

The operator that issued the Lisboa viva card should be informed of its loss or theft as soon as possible, in order to cancel it and prevent its misuse by third parties.
Customers will need to apply and pay for a new card.

Look after your card

Take good care of your card so it will work properly. Namely:

  • Do not press the card’s chip.
  • Do not twist or bend the card.
  • When validating your journey, do not shake or bend the card against the validator. The Lisboa viva is a contactless card that does not require any additional movement. Just tap it on to the validator for brief seconds to get a green light and open the gate.
  • To validate the journey, take the card out of your wallet.
  • When validating your journey, make sure your card is not close to other contactless cards, as the validator may read the wrong card.
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