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Network expansion plan

Network expansion plan

The projected expansion of the Metro Network (Expansion Plan of the Lisbon Metro Network 2010-2020) was approved by Order from the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications (MOPTC) dated September 11, 2009.

The Base Programme was carried out taking into consideration the solution provided in the viability study, as approved by Letter – SEAAmb-Of. 588, dated April 2017.

According to the approved expansion plan, the Yellow Line will lengthen the Yellow from Rato to Cais Sodré (Green Line) and will include two new stations: Estrela and Santos.

Estrela station will serve a residential area of the city, where public transport offer is presently limited to buses. It will be located at the top of Calçada da Estrela/south edge of Jardim da Estrela.

Santos Station will serve local residents and major activity centres, such as the Parliament, ISEG Lisbon School of Economics and Management, IADE Creative University (and an area of night-time entertainment).

This expansion of the network will reach parts of the city still not covered by the Metro and will link to other public transport operators, namely CP’s Lisboa-Cascais railway network and river ports linking Lisboa and Montijo / Seixal / Almada. This increase in public transport supply will comprise new connections and the improvement of existing ones.

Santos station will be located on the west side of the neighbourhood defined by Av. D. Carlos I, Rua das Francesinhas, Rua dos Industriais and Travessa do Pasteleiro (between ISEG and Largo da Esperança). The station will have two accesses: at Av. D. Carlos I (Largo da Esperança) and at Travessa do Pasteleiro.

An additional access will be built in Cais Sodré Station connecting the Metro platform to CP’s platforms. The purpose of this new access is to improve service quality and attract more passengers, as it will serve an area which is facing major renovation works and increasing flows of tourists. Currently, Cais Sodré station has only one access.

Summing up:

Rato/Cais do Sodré Expansion – Circular Line

Green Line-Yellow Line connection (Cais do Sodré-Campo Grande).

Projected works:

  • Rato-Cais do Sodré expansion
  • 2 new stations: Estrela and Santos
  • Refurbishment of Cais do Sodré station
  • Connection of Campo Grande viaducts

Projected investment: €M 216
Rolling stock: €M 50


Refurbishment of Cais do Sodré Station

Creation of new hall and new accesses:

  • Access to the area of Mercado da Ribeira
  • Connection to CP railway lines

Refurbishment of Campo Grande viaducts

  • Green Line/Yellow Line connection, creating railway ring
  • Construction of 158m viaduct for future Green Line Ring
  • Connection of the Yellow Line to Telheiras station (which will be part of the Yellow Line)
  • Construction of 428m viaduct for future Yellow Line (Odivelas/Telheiras).