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Organizational chart
Metro post at a station entrance

Organizational chart

Board of Directors

Vitor Domingues dos Santos (Chairman)

Board of Directors

Helena Maria Campos (Member)

Board of Directors

Pedro Veiga da Costa (Member)

Innovation group

António Manuel Elísio Gonçalves

Internal audit

Margarida Maria Melo de Sousa Loureiro

Legal and litigation

Filipa Alexandra Queirós Cardoso Aires Bandeira de Melo

Asset and property management

Luís Filipe Pereira Melo Almeida

General secretariat

Luis Miguel Vale do Couto

Coordinating Director

António Ricardo Oliveira Vieira Machado

Project development management

Heloísa Cristina Antão Lona Cid

Environment and Quality Management

Pedro Conceição Farinha Pereira

Public procurement and logistics

Nuno José Mendes Teixeira Correia

Information technology

Carlos José Duarte Rocha

Network expansion management

Rui Miguel Caetano Correia Pina

Human capital management

Maria Paula Ferreira Freitas Martins Sanchez Jorge

Security and surveillance

António José Pires Neves Valente

Finance management

Maria Dilar Matilde Mira Rafael

Customer management

Miguel Matos Silva Rodrigues

Maintenance management

Jorge Miguel Almeida Ferreira

Operation management

Tiago Bruno Espírito Santo Silva



Ferconsult - Projetos e Engenharia de Transportes, S.A.

Company specialised in the areas of Transport Advisory, Studies and Engineering Projects, operating on the national and international markets. Metro directly and indirectly through its subsidiary Ferconsult holds a 50% stake in the share capital of Ensitrans, A.E.I.E., a company active in the development of studies and projects.

Trem, A.C.E. e Trem II, A.C.E.

Metropolitano de Lisboa directly and indirectly through its subsidiary Ferconsult, holds stakes in TREM, ACE (100% of the share capital) and TREM II, ACE (100% of the share capital), the corporate object of which is the acquisition and lease of railway equipment for Metro de Lisboa.

Metrocom – Exploração de Espaços Comerciais, S.A.

Metrocom is also a company of the Metro Group, the corporate object of which is the promotion, marketing and management of commercial areas, shops, offices and shop-windows leases; planning and organisation of new forms of marketing products in stations and other areas, such as one-off events (book fairs and other) and promotional actions.

Publimetro – Publicidade em Meios de Transporte e Outros, S.A.

Metropolitano de Lisboa holds a 40% stake in the share capital of Publimetro, S.A, a company managing advertising in Metro spaces and vehicles.

Otlis – Operadores de Transportes da Região de Lisboa, A.C.E.

Metropolitano de Lisboa has a stake in Otlis, A.C.E. The corporate object of this complementary grouping of companies is the development, implementation and management of new technologies in the field of contactless ticketing systems. The company is responsible for the VIVA system and provides services to over two dozen companies in the areas of mobility and transport. OTLIS is held equally by Metropolitano de Lisboa, E.P.E., Companhia Carris de Ferro, S.A, CP – Comboios de Portugal, E.P.E., Transtejo / Soflusa, S.A., Barraqueiro Transportes, S.A., Transportes Sul do Tejo, S.A. and Rodoviária de Lisboa, S.A..