Viva viagem card


What is it?

The Viva viagem card is an electronic card that is validated by approaching the card to the contactless validators; it is reloadable and specially designed for non-frequent customers.

Where to buy?

In the Metro network, these cards can be purchased and loaded directly from the Automatic Ticket Vending Machines and Ticket Offices.

Ticket Offices can be found at the following stations:

– Blue line: Colégio Militar and Jardim Zoológico;
– Yellow line: Marquês de Pombal Campo Grande;
– Green line: Baixa-Chiado and Cais do Sodré;
– Red line: Oriente and Aeroporto.

In the remaining stations, tickets can be purchased from the Automatic Vending Machines only.

Keep the purchase/load receipt with your card as you will need it in case of card malfunction.

Cost of the card

The Viva viagem card costs 0.50€ and can be reloaded unlimitedly during one year after purchase. 

Loading options

The following tickets can be loaded in the Viva viagem card for use in the Metro:

Carris/Metro single ticket

24h Network tickets:

Carris/Metro/Transtejo (Cacilhas)

Zapping – valid in the Metro, Carris, CP, Transtejo and Soflusa, Fertagus and MTS – Metro Transportes do Sul (stored value).

The Viva viagem card can only be loaded with the same type of tickets. However, if you wish to reload a different type of fare, for ex. a ticket from another transport operator, you must first use all the previously loaded tickets.

Card validity

The cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase, during which they can be reloaded unlimited times. After the expiry date, the card can no longer be reloaded, but any remaining tickets may still be used.

During this period, if the card stops working due to malfunction (i.e. without any visible damage), it will be replaced at no cost to the customer. If there is visible damage to the card or if the validity period has expired, the cost of a new card will be borne by the customer.

After-sales service

In the event of card malfunction please adopt the following procedure:

– Use the validators or the Automatic Vending Machines to confirm whether the card is loaded. If not, please reload the card;

– If the card is loaded or it cannot be read, please contact the Metro staff in the station and present both the card and the purchase/reload receipt.

– If the card can be read, the Metro staff will transfer its content to a new card. If this is not possible, follow the Metro staff’s instructions;

–  If Metro staff is not visible in the station, use the intercoms  in the Help Points located near the access gates and on  the Ticket Vending Machines.

– If, during the validity period, the card stops working due to malfunction, i.e. without any visible damage, it will be replaced at no cost to the customer; if the card is damaged or the validity period has expired, the cost of a new card will be borne by the customer.

After-sales refunds

In case of traffic disruption for more than exceeding 15 minutes, customers are entitled to a new ticket reload (Viva viagem cards loaded with metro single tickets) or a corresponding value refund on their cards (zapping – stored value cards). This refunds takes place immediately at the station, provided the request is made at the same station where the card was validated and within a maximum of 45 minutes from the start of the disruption.

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