Blue line closed – Signalling system upgrade works


Blue Line – Early reopening
We have concluded the works and tomorrow, April 10th, it will be possible to resume train circulation on the entire Blue Line.

Blue line closed due to upgrade works in the signalling system

From April 7 to April 10 (Friday to Monday), the entire Blue line will be closed to the public due to ongoing upgrade works in the signalling system. On April 6 (Thursday), trains will run normally until closing time and normal service will resume in the entire Blue line on April 11 (Tuesday).

During this time, the ticket offices at Colégio Militar/Luz and Jardim Zoológico stations will be closed.

On April 10, the Express Card (Navegante express) issue office at Jardim Zoológico station will also be closed.

Customers who apply for a card on April 6 will have the option to pick it up at one of the following locations:

a) At this office, from April 11 onwards;

b) At Marquês de Pombal station, from April 10 onwards provided they select this option on the card application form.

The following stations will maintain normal train service: S. Sebastião (Red line), Marquês de Pombal (Yellow line) and Baixa-Chiado (Green line).

Passengers are advised to use the following Carris bus lines as alternatives until regular metro service on the Blue line is restored: 726, 746, 759 and 767.

Transport options

Until normal service on the Blue line is restored, passengers are advised to take the following Carris  buses 726746759 e 767..

Another option is to take the CP trains, specifically the Sintra and Cintura lines, which connect Sintra to Rossio and Sintra to Oriente, respectively.

Passengers arriving from the Tagus’s south bank can use the Fertagus connections at Entrecampos and Roma-Areeiro stations to reach other parts of the city via the Yellow and Green metro lines.

Finally, passengers can reach other parts of the city by using the Carris Metropolitana connections to some CP stations on the Sintra and Cascais lines.

For more information, please see:


Carris routes

Carris Metropolitana routes

Information about the works in progress:

Why is this work being done?

This intervention is part of the Metro network’s modernization project, which includes the installation of a new Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) railway signalling system, to replace the existing one with a modern system that meets today’s service quality demands.

What does it consist of?

Replacement of the railway signalling equipment on the whole line simultaneously, with the goal of implementing the CBTC system on the Blue line by the end of 2023.

What are the benefits of this work?

The CBTC system represents a qualitative leap in the operation, programming and management of the Metro network, which will improve the quality of service provided. The new system will allow for continuous control of train movements and an increase in the frequency and regularity of the public transport service provided, ensuring a more effective supply of trains in a number and frequency more suited to Customer needs.

Deadline for completion:
7 to 10 April 2023

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