navegante occasional card

navegante® occasional card

Suitable for non-frequent users, it can be topped up with tickets and money (pay as you go ‘zapping’ credit) and tickets.

The navegante® occasional card can be used in all member operators.

What is the navegante® occasional card?

The navegante® occasional card is an electronic smart card that is validated by approaching the card to the contactless validators.  It is specially designed for non-frequent customers (occasional journeys).

Where can I buy it?

On the Metro network, the navegante occasional card can be purchased and loaded on Ticket Vending Machines and Ticket Offices.
Keep the purchase/load receipt with you, as you will need it in case of card malfunction.

How much does the navegante® occasional card cost?

The navegante® occasional card costs €0.50 and can be reloaded unlimitedly during one year after purchase.

What tickets can I top up on my navegante® occasional card?

– Carris/Metro ticket
– Carris/Metro 1 day ticket (24h)
– Carris/Metro/Transtejo (Cacilhas) 1 day ticket
– Carris/Metro/CP 1 day ticket
– Pay as you go ‘zapping’ credit for all members operators (Carris, Metro, Transtejo, CP, Fertagus, Metro Sul do Tejo, Rodoviária de Lisboa and TST).

How is it used?

The navegante occasional card is ready to be used when topped up. Just approach the card to the contactless validator and wait for the gates to open.
The navegante occasional card is a personal card, i.e. it cannot be used by more than one person at a time, even if topped up with multiplo tickets.


The navegante occasional cards are valid for one year after purchase.  During this period, they can be topped up unlimitedly.  Expired cards can no longer be reloaded, however, any remaining tickets may still be used.

Check the credit balance of your navegante® occasional card

You can check you card credit balance on ticket vending machines and ticket offices.

After-sales service

If your card does not work, please:
First check your credit balance on the reader of a Ticket Vending Machine or Ticket Office;
If the card has credit but cannot be read, please show your card and purchase receipt to a Metro staff member;
If the card can be read, Metro staff will transfer its credit onto a new card.  If this is not possible, please follow the Metro staff’s instructions.
If no staff is visible at the station, use the intercoms in the Help Points located near the access gates and on ticket machines.
If case of malfunction with no visible damage, the card will be replaced free of charge, provided it is still valid.  If the card is damaged or has expired, the cost of a new card will be borne by the customer.


– This card is valid for one year. Keep it safe during this period;
– Keep the purchase receipt with you;
– When validating the card, see that it is not close to other contactless cards;
– Keep the card in good condition.

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