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All questions and answers about how to travel on the Lisbon Metro.
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Metro working hours

Metro operates every day, including week-ends, from 06:30 a.m to 01:00 a.m (time of departure of the last train from terminal station of each line).

Up to what age can children ride the Metro for free?

Children up to the age of 3 can use the Metro free of charge, as long as they are accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket.

Children between the ages of 4 and 18 can also ride the Metro for free as long as they hold a personalized navegante card (child profile or under 18).

What do I need to travel on the Metro?

To ride the Metro you must have a valid electronic card (navegante personalized or occasional) topped up with valid transport tickets, or a contactless bank card.

What cards are available to travel on the Metro?

Three types of cards may be used to ride the Metro:

  • navegante occasional card for occasional journeys;
  • navegante personalized card to top up with travel passes and/or zapping credit;
  • Contactless bank card that allows you to pay for a Metro trip directly on the access gates’ validators.

What are the transport tickets available to travel on the Metro?

The Metro has transport tickets suitable for frequency of use: occasional or frequent.
Please check our Fares.

What is the viva card?

The viva viagem card is an electronic card that is validated by approaching the card to the contactless validators; it is reloadable and specially designed for non-frequent customers.

How much does the viva viagem card cost?

It costs €0,50 and it is valid for one year.

Can the viva viagem card be used by more than one person?

No. The viva viagem card can only be used by a single user per journey. Its use by several persons simultaneously for the same journey is considered an offence and may be subject to fine. Each user must hold a valid ticket.

Can I top up my viva viagem card with different types of transport tickets?

No. You can only top up one type of transport ticket into the viva viagem card. If you want to purchase a different type of ticket, for instance, a ticket for a different operator, you will have to use up the credit on your card or purchase a new card.

Where can I buy a Viva Viagem Card on the Metro?

You can buy viva viagem cards in our ticket offices and automatic ticket vending machines.



What’s the Lisboa Viva card?

The Lisboa Viva card is a pay-on-the-go ticket; you can top up credit (zapping) and passes for frequent use in transport operators in the Lisbon region.  For further information about this card, please click the Lisboa Viva card link here.

What's a Navegante pass?

It’s a pass that will allow you to travel across Lisbon on different operators, including Carris, Metro and CP for urban journeys in Lisbon.

How many types Navegante passes can you find?

O passe Navegante está disponível nas modalidades urbano e rede

1. Navegante urbano permite a utilização do Metro e Carris dentro de Lisboa (coroa L), estando incluída a CP na área de Lisboa com limites:
Linha de Cascais – C.Sodré/ Belém
Linha de Sintra – Rossio / Benfica e Benfica / Moscavide
Linha da Azambuja – Sta. Apolónia/ Moscavide

Linha de Cintura – Alcântara Terra/ Moscavide
Relativamente ao Metro esta modalidade não permite a utilização das Alfornelos, Amadora Este e Reboleira (linha Azul) e Odivelas (linha Amarela).

2. Navegante rede permite a utilização do Metro e Carris em toda a rede (coroas L e 1), estando incluída a CP na área de Lisboa com limites:
Linha de Cascais – C.Sodré/Algés
Linha de Sintra – Amadora/Rossio e Amadora/Bobadela
Linha da Azambuja – Sta. Apolónia/Bobadela
Linha de Cintura – Alcântara Terra/Bobadela

What’s the difference between a monthly pass and a 30-day pass?

Monthly passes are valid of a fixed month. They are available for sale until the 20th of each month and are valid for the month concerned. They can be bought as from the 26th of previous month concerned to be used as from the 1st day of such month.

A 30-day pass is valid for 30 days as from the date of purchase or the end of the previously topped up pass. 30-Day passes can be bought any day of the month.

Is it possible to transport animals on the Metro?

The transport of animals on the Metro is permitted subject to the following conditions:

a) Dangerous or potentially dangerous dog breeds are not permitted on the Metro (Fila Brasileiro, Dogo-Argentino, Pit Bull terrier, Rottweiler, American Sataffordshire terrier, Staford bull terrier and Tosa inu);

b) The accompanying passenger must have the animal’s vaccine record and municipal licence with him/her;

c) if duly muzzled and tethered to a short leash to prevent them from disturbing or hurting other passengers.

Can I take my bicycle on the Metro?

Yes You can take your bicycle on the Metro, though only up two bikes per carriage, and provided there is no agglomeration of passengers.
These terms do not apply to folding bikes, provided they do not affect the comfort and safety of remaining passengers.

Can I transport large items on the Metro?

You can transport large items on the train provided the nature of the items do not jeopardise the safety and comfort of other passengers.

I need a certificate attesting a delay on the Metro. What should I do?

You must send an e-mail to atendimento@metrolisboa.pt, mentioning the day, time and metro line allegedly suffering delay.
Note: delay certificates can only be issued by Metropolitano de Lisboa in cases of traffic disruption of over 15 minutes and following the  resumption of traffic on the line concerned.

Which are the Metro stations fully accessible?

Fully accessible stations, i.e. accessible by wheelchair or mobility scooter from street to platform are those marked in the following image.

Network diagram - step free

I am a reduced mobility/disabled passenger . What must I do to travel on the Metro?

We recommend passengers with special mobility needs to plan their journey beforehand, seeking information on:

– if stations of departure and destination are fully accessible (see image in previous FAQ);
– Confirm if mechanical equipment on the station of departure and origin is working.  Contact the Customer Service;
– travel accompanied, if possible.
– If necessary, seek assistance with our staff at the station.

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