Limited train service on the Blue line | signalling system upgrade works underway

Limited train service on the Blue line:
signalling system upgrade works underway

The following stations will be closed on February 5 (Sunday) due to the upgrading works of the signalling system: Carnide, Colégio Militar/Luz, Alto dos Moinhos, Laranjeiras and Jardim Zoológico.

Trains on the Blue line will only run between:
– Reboleira – Pontinha;
– Praça de Espanha – Santa Apolónia.

All other stations in the Blue line remain open from 6:30 am to 1:00 am, with the following service changes:


– Platform to Santa Apolónia: closed;
– Platform to Reboleira: in operation for departures and arrivals;

Praça de Espanha:

– Platform to Santa Apolónia: in operation for departures and arrivals;
– Platform to Reboleira:  closed.
On February 4 (Saturday), trains will run until closing time (1:00 am) and normal service will resume in the entire Blue line on February 6 (Monday).

Passengers are advised to use the following Carris bus alternatives until metro service is restored:

Carris buses: 701, 726, 729, 746, 768 e 58B

Information about the works in progress:

Why is this work being done?

This work is part of the Metro network’s modernization project, which foresees the installation of a new Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) signalling system, to replace the existing one by modern equipment that is better suited to meet the demands of today’s service quality standards.

What’s being improved?

Replacement of the railway signalling equipment between the Carnide and Jardim Zoológico section, in order to implement the CBTC system on the Blue line by the end of 2023.

What are the benefits of this intervention?

The CBTC system is a qualitative improvement in the management, operation and programming of the Metro network that will improve the level of the service provided.

The new system will enable continuous control of train movements, as well as an improvement in the frequency and regularity of the public transport service, ensuring a supply of trains, both in quantity and frequency, that is better suited to customer needs.

Work schedule:
5 February 2023 (Sunday)

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