Customer Charter

Customer Charter

Provision of transport service

  1. To provide high quality service to meet customer expectations;
  2. To contribute to the enhancement of intermodality;
  3. To implement schedules that respond effectively to the existing demand.

Human resources

To ensure the quality of Human Resources to perform duties in a competent and professional manner, guaranteeing conditions of comfort, quality and rigour..

Safety and security

  1. To promote and implement, in close collaboration with the relevant authorities, the necessary actions to guarantee high standards of security in the use of the transport service, as well as to ensure the safety of customers;
  2. To maintain vehicles in good working conditions;
  3. To ensure the equipment available to customers is maintained in perfect working conditions.


In collaboration with the relevant authorities, ensure accessibility to all customers, including those with reduced mobility..


To maintain high levels of service regularity by carrying out all possible actions to minimize inconvenience caused by service disruptions.

Suggestions and complaints

  1. To provide customers with the means necessary to submit suggestions and complaints, to carry out the corresponding assessment, promote improvement measures and provide timely responses;
  2. To periodically assess customer satisfaction levels through specific surveys.

Information and customer support

  1. To provide customers with relevant information about the service provided, both during normal situations and service disruptions, through the various appropriate communication channels;
  2. To develop the ticket sales network by providing various ways and means of purchase;
  3. To provide customers with dedicated spaces and communication channels to solve irregular situations or those which, due to their specific nature, may require additional analysis.


  1. To provide customers with relevant information about the se• To promote environmental protection by complying with the legal requirements regarding polluting emissions;
  2. To promote and provide the means to facilitate customers with good practises regarding environmental protection.

Cleanliness and maintenance

To guarantee the cleanliness and good working conditions of stations, trains and other equipment.

Customer obligations

  1. Travel with a valid transport ticket and present it whenever requested by Metro staff;
  2. Always validate transport tickets and passes. Failure to comply constitutes a transgression (Law 28/2006 of 4 July, amended by Law 83-C/2013 of 31 December);
  3. Refrain from smoking in the premises and inside vehicles. Infractions are punishable by law (Law 37/2007 of 14 August, Art. 4, No.1, item u);
  4. Comply with the rules regarding the transport of animals (Decree Law 315/2008 of 29 October, Ordinance 968/2009 of 26 August, Ordinance 422/2004 of 24 April), bikes and other objects which, by their size or contents, may cause discomfort or pose a threat to other customers;
  5. Use the Metro’s equipment in the appropriate manner;
  6. Respect the door closing alarm and security warnings;
  7. Support priority and reduced mobility customers when necessary and respect priority seat signage;
  8. Help maintain vehicles and waiting areas clean by using the existing disposal bins;
  9. Avoid making loud noises that may disturb other customers;
  10. Report abnormal or dangerous situations to Metro staff.
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