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As a way to encourage the use of public transport, Metropolitano de Lisboa is going to be present at Universidade de Lisboa to advertise the advantages of the Metro transport system and promote the Lisboa Viva sub23 travel card, with the following activities:

1) Lisboa Viva card application and immediate delivery (Lisboa Viva express delivery).

Required documents: identity card; sub23 form validated by the college/university; updated passport-size photo; ATM card to make the payment (6 €);

2) Card profile renewal (required documents: valid Lisboa Viva card and proof of eligibility for each type of discount);

3) Information desk to clarify any questions about the Metro system and ticketing;

4) Card activation with gift offers and distribution of information leaflets.

The Metro desk will be open from 19 to 25 September, from 11am to 3 pm, at the Cantina Velha of Universidade de Lisboa.

More information here.


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