Information on fares

Non-frequent tickets Euros
Information on viva viagem card
viva viagem card 0,50€
CARRIS/METRO single ticket  1,40€
1 day ticket Carris/Metro (valid for 24 hours, after validation, in the Metro and Carris whole networks) 6€
Cost of 1 metro journey using Zapping 1,25€
 Information Zapping
Prices in euros with current VAT.

Monthly and 30-day passes           
Information Cartão Lisboa viva
Navegante passe Normal 25% Discount 50% Discount  60% Discount 
 Navegante urban  35,65€  26,75€  17,85€  14,25€
 Navegante network  40€  31,50€  21€  16,80€
Lisboa viva card normal (10 working days)  7€ e (10 working days)  3,5€
Lisboa viva card urgent (1 working day)*  12€ e urgent (1 working day)*
working days at Campo Grande, Marquês de Pombal and Alameda stations
Prices in euros with current VAT.

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The system

The Metropolitano de Lisboa is integrated on the Região de Lisboa crown structure.

Presently the major part of the Metro network is contained on the Crown L entering on the Crown 1 only the sections “Senhor Roubado / Odivelas” of the Yellow Line and “Pontinha / Amadora Este” of the Blue Line.

Types of fares

The Metropolitano de Lisboa offers a variety of fares, comprising: fares exclusive to the Metro, fares combined with Carris (buses, trams, funiculars and lifts), fares combined with other transport operators and intermodal fares.

Children under the age of 4 travel free of charge on the Metro, as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Above this age, it is mandatory to use a valid fare (see Using the Metro).

The Metropolitano de Lisboa only offers fares charged in contactless cards:

– For non frequent clients are available the 7 colinas or Viva viagem cards, which you can use to charge several tickets of a single type of fare.

When you charge the card for the first time, it is necessary to buy the card, which costs 0.50 € and is valid for one year. During this period, the card can be charged and reused as and when necessary. However, should you wish to recharge your 7 Colinas card with a different type of ticket, you will first need to use up the original type. Once the validity period of a year has expired, the cards can no longer be recharged, but any remaining tickets may still be used or transferred to a new card.

Frequent clients that use passes exclusive to Metro, intermodal or combined with other operators, should choose the Lisboa viva card that offers them an additional set of advantages. This card has several options:

  • Child’s pass, for children between 4 and 12 years old;
  • Senior citizen’s pass, for people over 65 years old;
  • Retirees and pensioners pass, for people in these situation whose family monthly allowance is equal or less than the national minimum wage;
  •, for students attending elementary or secondary school aged between 4 and 18 years old, which are not regarded by municipal transportation.

When charging your cards, you should always keep the receipt, and present it if necessary to change the card or if it is damaged.

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