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Lisboa viva card

What is Lisboa viva card?

 The Lisboa viva is a “smart card” which has an embedded chip and antenna, it works by approaching the card to a validator, at the stations access gates,  that reads and validates the data loaded in the  card. If the data is valid, the card gives  access to  all networks that have adopted this card – presently  Metro, Carris, CP, Transtejo and other transport operators.

Where to buy

 You can apply for a Lisboa viva card at the points of sale:

Standard delivery

Colégio Militar/Luz/Jardim Zoológico/Marquês de Pombal/Rossio/Baixa Chiado/Cais do Sodré/Campo Grande/Oriente/Aeroporto

Week days 7.45am/8.30pm

The price of the Lisboa viva card is €7.00 and it will  be delivered within 10 working days.


You can also  get your card within 1 working day with the express delivery option for €12.00.

Express delivery*

Marquês de Pombal (Blue line)/Campo Grande

Week days 7.45am/7.45pm ― Request form submissions and card pick up

Where and how to reload

The Lisboa viva card may be loaded at any Metro station. All  electronic passes may also be loaded in the Lisboa viva card at the ATM network; for the moment,  ATMs can only be used to reload  cards,  i.e., the Lisboa viva card must have been previously loaded with  the same type of pass. In any case,  reloads  are not possible if the card has reached the end of its validity period.

Points of sale:

Working days – 7:45 a.m/7:45 p.m  Every day – 7:45a.m/8:30 p.m
Blue line Marquês de Pombal  Colégio Militar/Luz
 Jardim Zoológico
Yellow line Campo Grande  Marquês de Pombal
Green line  Rossio
 Cais do Sodré
Red line  Oriente

¹ Ticket office open only on the two last and  two first week days of the month

Validity period

Lisboa viva card may be valid from 3 to 6 years, depending on the customer profile:

Customer profile

Children from 4 to 12 inclusive
4 years

Customers aged 13 to 30 inclusive
4 years

Customers over than 30 years old
6 years

Elderly over 65 years old
6 years

Retired / Pensioners
5 years





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